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Worship Service:  10:30am - 11:30am

Bible Study:  9:30am - 10:00am

Pastor Steve Brown

1024 West Kimmel Road

Jackson, MI 49201

Phone: (517) 784-1459


Welcome to South Jackson Community Church, a historic non-denominational Christian church founded in 1837.  Join us for Sunday Worship and Bible Study, and Sunday School for the kids, at 10:30am.

Statement of Faith

Our church is a fellowship of believers.  It is founded on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is grounded in the Word of God and in His truth.It exists to enable people to enter into relationship with God and to walk with Him daily.If you have been looking for a church that can help you on your journey through life, drop by any Sunday morning.  We welcome you to visit and become part of our fellowship.  Best of all, Christ will be there for all of us - - including you.

Special Events

Veteran's Monument Bricks




















Bricks can be purchased to have a veteran's name, rank, and branch of service etched in it and it will be placed in the walkway in front of the Veteran's Monument. If you are interested in purchasing a brick you can go under the MORE category at the top of this page and then select CEMETERY RECORDS...on that page you will find at the top a bubble for Buy A Brick that you can get a form.  Forms will also be available at Jackson Monument Works and of course here at the church.  The cost for a brick is $50.00.

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